My Poems

It's Our Anniversary


Dear Sweetie… that’s what you are to me.

Six months ago when I first met you,

I knew you were my one and only.

You are me light, my sun, and my shining star.

You fill my life with happiness, delight and fun.

As time goes by my love for you grows stronger and stronger.

You’re the most amazing man I have ever known.


When you’re not near me,

I feel emptiness in my heart that I can’t seem to fill.

When you’re near me, I feel complete.

I cherish your passionate affection and companionship and always hope to please you.

I always wish for your happiness for I live to see the

sparkle in your eyes.

I never imagined that someone could be as important as you are to me.


Laughing on the phone and talking together through all hours of the night; sometimes even talking until daylight.

I love all the memories we’ve shared and I can’t wait to see all those memories ahead of us.

I may seldom express the way I feel for you and I;

shouldn’t need days like our six month anniversary to show you.

You mean the world to me and always will and no one could ever take your place.

Not a day, hour, or even minute goes by that I don’t think about you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I hope and pray that we will stay together and that we will never part.


Happy Six month Anniversary,

My love….My treasure….My Sweetheart!

By: Tamika A. Reynolds


The Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas

as I was walking through the house

everyone was sleeping and even the dog too.


The fireplace was glowing

the mantle fully decorated with light green garland and mini family stockings hanging from it

the tree embellished beautifully with red and green elf legs dangling from it

smells of cinnamon were lingering throughout the house.


And Daylion sleeping by the Christmas tree in his ninja Halloween costume;

Alexus, snoring on the couch, with reindeer antlers on her head.

Went into Davion’s room, as he slept in his game chair with his IPhone lying on his chest;

Tiptoed quietly into Nana’s room, in her satin scarf, laid out across her bed.


Heard a loud noise coming from outside;

I sprang to my room to see what the matter was,

away to my window I flew like a flash.

Pulled the curtains aside, peeped out the blinds

the streets were so quiet, not a car or person insight.


When to my wondering eyes did appear

two fluffy white dogs, passing my window.

As they barked and barked, all the nearby dogs begin to howl.

I dashed to the kitchen, Santa needed his cookies and milk.


While the kids were in such a deep sleep,

I placed all the colorful wrapped gifts under the tree.

And then in a twinkling, I heard a door open

the prancing and sneaking of every little step.

As I drew my head and was turning around;

entering the living room was Nana.

She was dressed in her Victoria Secret Pj’s, from head to toe.

She spoke not a word and added gift cards to the tree;

one for every person, even the dog too.

She stuffed all the stockings, even a doggie bone for Racer;

then she turned with jerk.

She gave a single nod, and away she went.


I sprang back to my bed and watched a little TV.

The last thing I heard was,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight!

By: Tamika A. Reynolds


Until She Met You

She never really knew what love truly felt like.


Her days were lonely and boring

Her world was empty and filled with darkness

She completely stopped dreaming.


She never knew she could feel like this

She has a feeling of deep satisfaction, total fulfillment and a sense of contentment

Not that she has net you.


Her world is beautiful and her days are bright,

all because she found you.

She never wants to let you go.


She searched forever

and now that day finally came true.


She doesn’t know what else to say

but every day and every night

you take her breath away.


You have filled her world with meaning.

You have made her so happy.

You smile brightness her day, it turns her world onto cheerfulness.

You fill her heart with gladness;

You give her hope and a peace of mind.


Now that she has met you,

she never wants to leave your side.

By: Tamika A. Reynolds


Until She Met You

I wanted to travel but had no destination in mind.

I was traveling on this long dreaded road.


As I traveled down this road,

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing

and the sounds of music were playing so loudly.

The roads seemed to never end, no signs, no exits, no cars insight.


I pulled over to stretch my legs

as I relaxed and enjoyed the summer breeze.

I closed my eyes and imagined I was floating in the air.

When I opened I touched it;

it was soft as cotton, a pretty pale blue and shaped like a heart.

I was finally there; I had traveled down this long, never-ending bumpy road

And who would have thought my destination was right here all this time.


I traveled that road for so long and floated so high up;

the view was so gorgeous; sounds of jazz music was playing in the background

And when I awaken, I realized this was all a dream.

By: Tamika A. Reynolds

© 2018 by Tamika A. Reynolds

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